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Australia and New Zealand

1000 Headwords

1000 Headwords

Christine Lindop
ISBN: 9780194233903
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What do you find in these two countries at the end of the world? One is an enormous island, where only twenty million people live - and the other is two long, narrow islands, with ten sheep for every person. One country has the biggest rock in all the world, and a town where everybody lives under the ground, the other has a beach where you can sit beside the sea in a pool of hot water, and lakes that are bright yellow, green, and blue. Open this book and start your journey - to two countries where something strange, beautiful or surprising waits around every corner.

AutorChristine Lindop
ŽánerELT Course Materials
Typ väzbyPaperback
Počet strán80
Krajina vydaniaUnited Kingdom

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