American Happy World 1: Audio CDs (2)

American English

Stella Maidment, Lorena Roberts
ISBN: 9780194731324
Only CD-Audio
15,34 €
vč. DPH
Běžná cena18,05 €
Dostupnosť1-2 týždne

The Happy series is an eight-level American English course, thats perfectly in step with your students development.

  • Strong skills development
  • Language presentation matches the maturity of learners with a balance of characters, adventure stories, and authentic material about the real world
  • Cross-cultural with fascinating facts and information on big issues such as climate change
  • Preparation for the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests
  • A MultiROM packaged in every Student Book features vocabulary review, songs for listening practice, and activities for CYLET practice
  • Teacher's Resource Packs (first four levels) include reproducible material to assist in the presentation of new language


AutorStella Maidment, Lorena Roberts
ŽánerELT Course Materials
Typ väzbyOnly CD-Audio
Krajina vydaniaUnited Kingdom

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