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All About the USA

A Cultural Reader

No. 3, 3rd Revised edition

Milada Broukal, Peter Murphy
ISBN: 9780132349697
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The new edition of All About the USA 3: A Cultural Reader, by Milada Broukal and Peter Murphy, with fresh content and a friendly, full-color design, offers a classic introduction to American culture. Entertaining and informative, the second edition of All About the USA 3 features thirty units about American people, places, and events. Readers expand their knowledge of the USA as they explore fascinating topics ranging from Henry Ford and the White House to baseball and body language. Features *Colorful photos and preview questions prepare students to read.*Vocabulary and reading comprehension exercises build skills.*Discussion activities promote lively cross cultural exchange.*Writing activities encourage students to personalize the topics.*New Did You Know boxes showcase fun facts about each topic.*New Audio CD of the readings enriches the learning experience. The series also includes: All About the USA 1, Second Edition All About the USA2, Second Edition All About the USA 4, Second Edition

AutorMilada Broukal, Peter Murphy
ŽánerELT Course Materials
Typ väzbyMixed media product
Počet strán156
Krajina vydaniaUnited States

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